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In order to optimise healthcare, it is important to have the administration of medical data done in a uniform manner. Healthcare increasingly relies on data collected and managed in medical databases.


Systematic coding (ICD-10, previously ICD-9) has been used in Belgian hospitals for 30 years. Hospital financing by the government is based on this registration.


MZG and COVID Crisis Unit

This webinar examines the various options for the use of MZG in the COVID-19 policy. Starting with an explanation of the importance of registration of ICD-10. Afterwards, the possible reporting that may result from this will be discussed more in detail, where the added value from a clinical perspective is not lost. The epidemiological use with the support of dashboarding is illustrated with some practical examples.

General introduction to Medical Registration

This module includes a general introduction that explains the definition and objectives of the minimum hospital data (MZG). The path from registration to hospital financing is illustrated, as is the use of the data to support internal hospital policy.



In this module, all chapters of the coding course are discussed using a theoretical approach of the codes and practical examples on the other side. This module contributes to the achievement of the coding competencies.

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Teachers involved

Dr. Luc Belmans
MZG and COVID Crisis Unit
Dr. Nick Devreker
MZG and COVID Crisis Unit
Johan Heylen
Gen. Intr. to Medical Registration
Patrick Garré
Gen. Intr. to Medical Registration

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