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THE Institute offers an exclusive exchange program in which executives and supervising care providers can participate in an international context.

International exchange programs

The aim is to offer a formula of:

  • A number of masterclasses

  • An ‘internship’ at a hospital with a coach with a similar function

  • An action-driven plan at the end of the training and internship

  • Digital follow-up between coach and trainee

  • Visit of the coach to the hospital of the trainee and evaluation combined with lessons learned

For this program, we choose a specific country or region of destination, and our members often assume the role of coach. These programs can be fully customised.

Image by Amy Hirschi



Quebec Investissement & DGQB
Custom Made Exchange Program

In 2021, THE Institute organised a custom made exchange program for Investissement Quebec and The General Delegation of Quebec in Brussels (DGQB). The goal of the program was to introduce a delegation of 5 innovative healthcare companies from Quebec to the Belgian and Dutch healthcare systems. During their stay they visited 4 Belgian and Dutch hospitals.  This way, participants got an insight in both healthcare systems and they collected useful contacts related to a possible market introduction.

Image by Rubén Bagüés

Sandprint Exchange Program

Saudi Arabia - 2013

Sandprint is an exchange program, between Saudi Arabian hospitals and Western European care facilities, designed by THE Institute and Hict. This detailed exchange program was realized on behalf of Janssen Pharmaceutical.

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