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Ilke Montag MD., new president of THE Institute

Starting Thursday September 1st 2022, Dr Ilke Montag takes over the presidency of the Board of Directors of THE Institute, succeeding Dr Dries Tant.

Dr Montag started as a nuclear physician and evolved from intern, over staff positions and medical head of department to chief physician. However, her interests reach far beyond the hospital walls and focused on social context as well. She took on several positions within governing bodies and further developed her expertise on entrepreneurship and coaching.

"Our healthcare system is confronted with a Moonshot, in which all parties involved (users, healthcare providers, industry and authorities) have to work together to make this a success story. I hope that THE Institute can and will be one of the catalysts in making this a reality by offering training across the currently existing care lines and overly high walls. If I dare to dream, 'why not have a patient training a care provider? Never Judge a Man until You Have Walked in His Shoes'. It can only increase mutual respect."

- Dr Ilke Montag -

THE Institute is a non-profit organisation with the aim of sharing experience, knowledge and expertise and organising activities within the healthcare sector. This manifests itself in the form of training courses, exchanges, conferences and customised projects. THE Institute also aims to build communities to perpetuate this exchange of knowledge. More information can be found on .

We would like to thank Dr Dries Tant for his cooperation over the past years. Under his chairmanship, THE Institute has grown into a mature, knowledge-sharing organisation within the healthcare sector. It is our ambition that the new president will further consolidate the growth and role of THE Institute.

We look forward to working with Dr Ilke Montag in the future to develop the expansion of our offer and role in the healthcare market, in collaboration with the managing consultant and the Board of Directors.

More information: Jan Demey, member of the Board of THE Institute:

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