Assembling communities or professionals around a certain challenge or theme. THE Institute aids in discussing your goals for the event, in sketching out the subject, the shape and organisation of the event. THE Institute supports in approaching the target audience and in the evaluation and follow-up



THE Institute brings people together on a limited scale around a specific healthcare-related theme, with the purpose of providing an answer to a specific professional issue.


The organisation of broader programs (round tables, keynotes, etc.). These events usually focus on a specific target group in order to bring a community together.


A large-scale conference, in which various care-related programs are discussed and explained, often combined with an academic or scientific component.  


Cegeka - Healthcare event 

Zoo of Antwerp - 2016

The theme of shared communities is an important theme in the healthcare sector today, there is a need for information exchange and explanation of this concept, for the various players in healthcare, more specifically for hospitals. Cegeka offers a number of solutions around this concept. THE Institute co-organised this event with the hospitals as target group.

Abbott Diagnostics - Conference

Future Trends in Laboratory Development - 2016

THE Institute carried out the study, contacted the stakeholders and was responsible for the organisation of the event around current topics in laboratory innovation. The event consisted of round tables with experts who discussed a certain topic and an evening conference for laboratory professionals, including a key note speaker and a closing dinner.

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