Masterclasses for healthcare professionals with an interest in different topics that are relevant to the healthcare sector of today and tomorrow.



THE Institute offers a range of relevant and specifically elaborated topics, covering both extensive theory and applied practice.

Experts as


THE Institute guarantees an absolute expert as teacher for every subject. These key players in the healthcare sector guarantee excellent and interesting training sessions.

Fully Customisable

The wishes and needs of every organisation are different, which is why you can choose from a series of permanent courses or start a fully customised program at THE Institute, in which we compile an adapted curriculum.

Fixed curriculum


THE Institute organises a number of modules – a fixed curriculum – which can be bundled in a series of Masterclasses. In addition, these can also be organised as separate sessions.

THE Institute develops custom-made training courses for certain target groups and involves its wide network of experts for this purpose. These courses are fully developed in consultation with you.


Management & Leadership

Gain more insight into the different aspects of hospital management with the right business leadership fundamentals and help build better care. 


Medical Registration

In order to optimise healthcare, it is important to have the administration of medical data in a uniform manner. Healthcare increasingly relies on data collected and managed in medical databases.



Master the concepts, methods and tools to successfully lead quality improvement projects and become a quality improvement specialist.



Masterclass Management and Leadership

AZ Damiaan Ostend - 2019-2020

Head physicians followed a curriculum of 5 subjects with double sessions for each theme. The expert trainers brought theoretical concepts applied to very concrete cases and implementation proposals. The themes strategic management, human resources management, financial aspects, innovation management and quality management were discussed.

During this Coronaproof version (combination of a physical and virtual classroom), head physicians attended double sessions on the 5 topics. Theoretical concepts were applied to concrete cases with the implementation proposals. The themes of strategy, human resources, financial aspects, innovation and quality were discussed here. This training was recognised for accreditation and supported by the VLAIO SME portfolio.

Masterclass Management and Leadership

AZ Sint Jan Bruges & AZ Sint Lucas Bruges 2020


Strategic and operational challenges on infection control - 2019 (Customized approach)

THE Institute and Hict organised a day course for a group of 10 healthcare professionals from Saudi Arabia. The trainees were introduced to multiple aspects of strategy and operation for infection control in healthcare facilities. The specific content included health economics, change management and technology for the fight against Corona viruses.


THE Institute is recognised as an accredited training institution for the Belgian market. For the Flemish market, SME’s can apply for the SME portfolio of the Flemish community (VLAIO).