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THE Institute’s ambition is to set up and initiate projects with a knowledge-sharing character. In cooperation with members, the experts and external parties, we can set up projects of a purely private, public or mixed nature.


THE Institute can participate in research programs as a knowledge-sharing party. For private organisations, projects related to the development of specific knowledge-sharing programs can constitute a project.

Study trips, visits and meetings within the sector

THE Institute organises, in terms of content and organisation, such activities for its members and partners. These initiatives can be set up efficiently with relevant expertise. The right contacts can be established using the network around the members to add concrete value to these initiatives.

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Study Tour

New Orleans - 2013

THE Institute organised a knowledge and training program for C – level executives in the Belgian hospital sector, to prepare them to deal with major social challenges. The study trip to New Orleans and HIMSS 13 was an in-the-field session for this program. Here they could meet peers and assess the approach and impact of hurricane Katrina with their own eyes.

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