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Partnership with IHLM

IHLM and THE Institute initiate partnership as expert driven and innovative training centers to prepare the healthcare sector for the future.

Bruges, October 14, 2020. THE Institute, a not-for-profit knowledge sharing organisation, specialised in the Healthcare sector, is proud to announce an in – depth partnership with the Oxford (UK) based training organisation IHLM (Institute of Healthcare Leadership and Management).

As the healthcare sector is globally changing, education and knowledge transfer are key to enable the sector in this crucial transformation.

“The partnership brings lots of synergies for both institutions”, explains Dr. Dries Tant, President of THE Institute. “Next to a complementary geographical coverage in Western Europe, Middle East and Asia, the two organisations have access to a larger group of experts in the different fields of Healthcare. This group will work together as well for the development of the courses as for the teaching and coaching of our programme members”. Mr. Benedict A Stanberry, Principal at IHLM: “This partnership with THE Institute enables our education and training programmes to reach an even bigger audience, certainly now we move to a balanced set of classic and online trainings. The experts of THE Institute can also contribute to the development of our programmes. We share the ambition to bring the same level of expertise and innovation to the Healthcare market”.

From today on, the partnership will start with sharing the programmes of IHLM in the curricula of THE Institute in the Benelux market and the involvement of THE Institute experts in the development and teaching of IHLM programmes ( see

THE (Transfer Healthcare Excellence) Institute is an international and independent not-for-profit organisation which focuses on sharing experiences, expertise and knowledge within the healthcare sector. THE Institute involves all possible stakeholders by organising events, conferences, exchanges, projects and trainings, as it wants to be a meeting place for its communities both physically and virtually.

Based in Oxford, IHLM provides inspiring education programmes and empowering qualifications in healthcare leadership and management. Their comprehensive portfolio of open enrolment and custom programmes, delivered both online and face-to-face, enables healthcare staff and executives to maximise their personal impact and transform the performance of their team, service or organisation.

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