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THE Institute and Patient Empowerment are joining forces

The non-profit organization THE Institute, with focus on knowledge sharing in healthcare, and the non-profit organization Patient Empowerment will work closely together. On a short term, this will lead to the organization of a digital symposium in October.

Board member of THE Institute Jan Demey: “We enthusiastically combine our expertise in healthcare with the expertise of the non-profit organization Patient Empowerment. Achieving efficient and high-quality care has the best chance of success if patients are also closely involved. Even more, the patient is an equal partner. Today, the young non-profit organization Patient Empowerment is the only one that focuses explicitly on an equal relationship between care recipient and care provider and the collaboration between our two non-profit organizations strengthens both.”

Both non-profit organizations will be working together to organize a digital symposium in October. In addition, they will exchange their expertise and strengthen each other’s offer where possible. A collaboration in health education is also planned.

President of the non-profit organization Patient Empowerment Prof. Edgard Eeckman: “As non-profit organization, we clearly feel there is a momentum that will last for a very long time: healthcare organizations are increasingly looking how they can improve patient participation in the way care is offered. Many patients today do not just want to undergo their care process themselves, but rather want to be in control of it. Patient Empowerment represents the process of achieving that. We welcome any partnership that contributes to this with open arms. We are convinced that this collaboration between THE Institute and the non-profit organization Patient Empowerment is another important step towards our goals.”

More information on the organizations on and

For press inquiries:

· Edgard Eeckman, President vzw patient Empowerment: gsm 0475 96 00 67

· Jan Demey, Board member THE Institute: gsm 0497 51 11 05 –

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