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Healthcare Excellence

THE Institute is an international and independent not-for-profit organisation, focused on sharing experience, knowledge and expertise and organising activities within the healthcare sector. The creation of communities to continue the exchange of knowledge is part of our ambitions. 

THE Institute is a Belgian non-profit organisation that independently organises knowledge-sharing activities with and for its members, candidate members and interested parties in the health sector. The topics can cover various aspects of a health system.


The network nature of THE Institute allows us to share and gather high-quality expertise, in-depth experiences and specialised knowledge in communities, in order to gain better insights and facilitate interaction between members.

Taking Notes


The Institute's mission is to share experience, knowledge and expertise among interest groups - communities - within the health sector. With a unique focus on health systems and all possible stakeholders involved in this, THE Institute wants to be a meeting place both physically and virtually.


In addition to a national ambition, THE Institute has various international activities and is also able to carry out its projects globally. THE Institute realises its objectives in the form of training courses, seminars, events, study trips and exchange programs. As a knowledge-sharing platform, it likes to work together with its members, sponsors, partners and experts with its main goal: making health systems more efficient, realising qualitative care and sharing experiences related to innovation.


At THE Institute, we focus on 4 areas within health systems:

  • Informing, educating and transferring knowledge and experiences through specific master classes and various forms of workshops

  • Exploring the health market and gaining access to innovative insights and experiences

  • Initiating special research projects in healthcare

  • Exchanging experiences at national and international level in the form of exchange programs.

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As partners, we work alongside following stakeholders:

  • The Care Providers: hospitals, specialists, physicians and paramedics, representatives of health associations, independent doctors, paramedics and nurses, associations

  • The Industry related to the health sector: pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, payers (private & public), ICT, Infrastructure and members seeking access to the health sector, research institutions.

  • Government : local and national authorities, as well as European institutions

  • Physicians and healthcare professionals

Giving a Presentation


Clinical Biology

Within this webinar, we’re taking a deep dive into the usage of hospital pathologies for financing and more specifically the “Forfaitair honorarium per verpleegdag voor verstrekkingen klinische biologie” First and foremost, we’ll take a look at the process for deciding the value of these rates, included a practical real-life example. The index for clinical biology will also be taken into account.



The faces of THE Institute

Julie De Lentdecker

Managing Consultant

Jan Demey


Henk Vansteenkiste


Dr. Dries Tant


Peter Lauwyck


Jan Deleu


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